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Exciting Seychelles

The second largest island in the archipelago of the Seychelles off East Africa, Praslin is a hot spot for tourists coming to unwind in the beauty of nature or celebrate their important occasions like wedding or anniversary. Replete with pristine beaches and lagoons, the main attractions of this island are its beaches and sea fronts. As it was an island settled over generations by the French and the British, it has a distinctly colonial architecture. Also, many people from various other British Colonies came and settled here, and Seychelles ended up with a very cosmopolitan culture, which till today, is well reflected in its society. As an archipelago and thus, surrounded by the ocean on all sides, fishing is a primary business here and tourists with an interest in fishing will find this place an absolute delight. The mean platter of seafood served in Praslin is another major tourist attraction. One of the special dishes is a combination of shellfish with rice. Fishes cooked by grilling or steaming in banana leaves and various other wraps are also another speciality unique to this island. Another Praslin tourist attraction is its tropical forests that are home to some of the special wildlife that is only found here, like the Seychelles Bulbul and Black Parrot.

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