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Visit Hong Kong and Macau with Venetian Stay 6 Days / 5 Nights

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Visit Hong Kong and Macau with Venetian Stay

Hong Kong is aptly named as ' the city where the east meets the west' . The city has adapted the best of both cultures, making it one of the most prominent destinations in the world. The presence of the iconic skyline boasting of the highest number of skyscrapers in the world, is backed by lush green parks and gardens. What makes this city unique is the strong influence of Chinese and British colonial cultures. Popularly known as one of the world' s top culinary capitals, it is a place where you can relish traditional Chinese cuisine alongside western fast food. Hong Kong' s most popular tourist attraction is the magical theme park of Disneyland, which is every child' s dream destination. Ocean Park is another theme park that is home to exotic marine animals. If you want a stunning view of the city' s majestic skyline, then head to Victoria Peak. Nature enthusiasts can visit the serene Lantau Island, also known as ' the lungs of Hong Kong' . Temples and structures such as Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and Man Mo Temple represent the spiritual side of Hong Kong.

Popularly called as the ' Vegas of China' , Macau is a city where the party never ends. It is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China and a former Portuguese colony. Macau has overtaken Las Vegas as the world' s top gambling city. With gleaming lights, Macau at night is a sight to treasure. Known for its ubiquitous casinos, it is the ultimate destination for a partygoer. The city comes alive at night and there are plenty of bars and clubs where the young hang out. Portuguese wine and Macau beer are widely available at reasonable rates. The fact that duty-free products are sold in the markets is an icing on the cake. Beneath all the glamour, there is another layer to Macau. The best way to imbibe Macau' s culture is to walk along the narrow lanes of the city. The fusion of traditional Chinese and Portuguese cultures is reflected everywhere in the city, from the architecture to the cuisine. The A-Ma Temple and the Ruins of St. Paul's are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are a testament to the city' s unique heritage.

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